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Dec 28, 2016 04:22PM

from the editor

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Gary Krambeck / Radish
Radish editor Laura Anderson Shaw
Printed and digital copies of this image are available for purchase.  Digital delivery within minutes.  Click here for details.
The 2017 Radish Awards, made by Shawna Fibikar, Davenport, of Strung by Shawna.
Once Halloween is over, I always find myself looking forward to Christmas and the new year. Every January lends the perfect opportunity to wipe our slates clean. We've got a whole year ahead, a fresh start, a nearly empty calendar waiting to be filled with adventures, great and small.

I also look forward to January because it's our Radish Award issue, where we reflect on the previous year and recognize individuals and organizations making a positive difference in the communities throughout the region. As the year neared its end, coworkers filled my inbox with nominations, and we worked hard to narrow down the list to five. You'll find their stories scattered throughout this issue.

It is uplifting and reassuring to me to know that we live in an area where so many are good stewards of the planet — people who truly care about people and the environment, from the food we eat, where it comes from and what it takes to grow it, to the impact we leave behind, whether we are cozy and warm inside of our homes, at work, or play.

Every year, we commission an area artist to create the actual awards we present to the people and organizations who are recognized. This year, we asked Shawna Fibikar, of Strung by Shawna, to create string-art radishes, using wood, nails and yarn.

Fibikar has been creating string art for nearly a year and a half, now. For the awards, she used boards that were cut from wood salvaged from a 100-plus-year-old barn in Mechanicsville, Iowa, and hand-dyed merino wool yarn from Stitch Together in Marion, Iowa. You can read more about Fibikar and her work on page 18.

In this issue, you also will find stories on the upcoming Quad Cities Farm Equipment Show going on at the QCCA Expo Center this month (page 22); fat biking outdoors this winter (page 10); tasty recipes for broccoli and cheddar soup and sweet potato toast (pages 14 and 26); and the changes that are coming to Fejervary Park in Davenport (page 24).

Wherever this year takes you, we hope you'll keep checking in with us. Cheers to an amazing 2017!

— Laura Anderson Shaw

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