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Nov 29, 2016 05:01PM

from the editor

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Gary Krambeck / Radish
Radish editor Laura Anderson Shaw
Around Christmastime every year when I was growing up, my mom and I would bake cookies after my younger brother went to bed. Mom would flip through an old recipe box, digging out various index cards, some covered in my grandmother's loopy script, and others in that blotchy serif typewriter print.

I was just excited that I got to hang out with my mom and use a rolling pin for something other than Play-Doh. I'd wear my little pink apron that my mom made for me and put little streaks of flour on my face. (After all, everyone on TV who baked had these streaks. It was a very important part of the process!)

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I'm probably just as talented in the kitchen now as I was back then, so my mom wasn't surprised when I called her up one recent afternoon and asked if she had plans after work. I needed help making the spinach dip and Oreo balls you'll find on page 9.

With all of the ingredients on the counter, mom got out the rolling pins(!) as I poured the Oreos into large storage bags. Then, we rolled and rolled, breaking up the cookies into a mix of chocolate powder and gooey cream.

Everything was going well until it was time to melt the chocolate. Mom poured the morsels into a pan and put it on the stove while I mixed the cookie bits with the cream cheese and rolled it all into little balls. I had filled a plate with them when the kitchen started to smell a little vile.

"Well," my mom said, peering over her glasses and holding out the pot. Where delicious, melted white chocolate should have been was a vat of mushy, crumbly, yellowed goop that smelled as good as it looked.

"Grab the milk," she said, in attempt to save it. Then, she tried to dip a cookie ball into it, and we laughed so hard, I cried.

If everything would have gone as planned, we'd have missed out on so many laughs. I'm sure my mom had to tell herself this all those years ago, as she crawled around in that same kitchen, wiping up all the flour her kid threw around.

It was never about making a perfect dish — it was about doing something together.

Try to remember this as you go into the bustling holiday season, whether you're making Oreo balls or trying your hand at some DIY ornaments (like the ones we've got on page 22).

If you're in search of gifts for your friends, family or pets, we can help there, too! Check out pages 12 and 26 for a little local direction. And if you're in the mood for more-things Radish, turn to page 17 and read all about our third annual Radish Winter Wellness Festival, coming up on Dec. 10.

No matter what you've got planned this month, hopefully you can stop by for a little while and see us!

— Laura Anderson Shaw

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