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Sep 22, 2016 03:42PM

from the editor

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Gary Krambeck / Radish
Radish editor Laura Anderson Shaw
Several years ago, Staples ran a back-to-school commercial to the tune of "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," where a smiling father rides on the back of a shopping cart with one leg in the air as it coasts down an aisle. This commercial hits extremely close to home for me this month. Not because I'm a cheerful father whose kids are going back to school but because this is exactly how I act in the Halloween section of every store.

Every year, I eagerly wait for the day the Halloween goodies hit the shelves of my favorite stores. When the day comes that I finally find them there, I frolic down the aisles like the father in the commercial. Sometimes, much to my husband's dismay, I even sing the song. (If you haven't seen it, you absolutely must find it on YouTube!)

I'm not exactly sure where my obsession with the holiday stems from. I seem to enjoy everything about it, from the chilly time of year it falls on and the chance to make and wear a creepy costume, to the decorations, snacks and parties — it always has been my favorite.

Many people I know also are counting down the days until the holiday, and party invites are flying around on Facebook. To help us all make a plan for this year, check out page 18, where we've nailed down a handful of tried and true concoctions for party fare that's a bit on the lighter side. Save for the whipped topping on one of the snacks, they're all Radish contributor Dylan Davis-approved. (Check out page 22 for his story on cutting excess sugar from his diet.)

If you're preparing for trick-or-treaters, or a group of little ghouls and goblins, check out page 8 for some ideas on candy-free alternatives to pass out.

While you're waiting for the holiday to arrive, there are plenty of other opportunities this month for you to enjoy the season. Turn to page 24 to find a handful of the fall festivals going on this month throughout the Radish region, and on page 26 you'll find a story on how to brew a toasty cup of joe before exploring a trail on a chilly fall day.

Here's to the season, friends!

— Laura Anderson Shaw

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