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Carousel of Delights: New French bakery serves up tasty, homemade treats
Allison Farrier opened the Carousel of Delights pastry shop in Davenport late last year, and she has been focused on delighting her customers ever since.

"It's all about making people make that face… The face of delight," she says.

I briefly wonder what it feels like to make the face she refers to as she runs to the back of the bakery to grab a pastry. She pops one into my hand and explains what it is as I nibble it.

I would have listened more intently, but I ended up devouring it — and making “that face.” More »

Nurturing natives: Alexis nursery offers a variety of native plants
A short drive away from the Quad-Cities, just west of Alexis, Ill., sits the Simply Native Nursery, a gardener's delight that specializes in Western Illinois/Eastern Iowa eco-type pollinator plants for prairie, woodland and wetland forbs and grasses.

"I'm a nontraditional nursery," says owner Kathy Hale-Johnson. "Right now, 90 percent of what I grow is native and nativars," she says.

Native plants are just that — plants... More »

Fitness with friends: Group workouts offer support and more
We find strength in numbers.
It's true in many areas of our lives, but it certainly is the case when it comes to entering a fitness class for the first time — or for the 100th time — when you're digging for motivation to keep at it.
I didn't give company much thought early on in my fitness pursuit. As a runner, I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement alone. Other than joining in a road race here and there, running was a solitary... More »

Organic options grow: Two health-food stores to open in QC
More health food stores are on their way to the Quad-Cities. The independent Healthy Harvest Urban Farms Market plans to open by the end of February in downtown Rock Island, and Natural Grocers, a nationwide provider of organic and natural groceries, dietary supplements and body care products, plans to open its first Q-C store this summer off 53rd Street and Interstate 74 in Davenport.

The Healthy Harvest Urban Farms Market, which will be at... More »

from the editor
As I write this, it is the dead of winter. The days are getting longer, but still are short; and the air is often so bitterly cold, it hurts your face.

With several weeks of winter ahead, though, I figure that it will be easier on me to endure if I just embrace it.

This issue of Radish has been a big help.

In past issues, I'm sure you've read on this very page that I'm not the most outdoorsy gal... More »

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