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Go-to greens: Two easy ways to get more leafy goodness in your day
Spinach, kale, arugula, or chard: Whichever you choose, these crunchy veggies contain important vitamins and minerals vital to almost every function in the body. Think vitamins A, C and K, plus calcium and iron, not to mention fiber. But you already knew that.

Perhaps we can agree the real issue isn't identifying greens but knowing easy ways to make them part of our meals. Fret not! If you are ready to get more green in your life, here are two easy ways to up your own and your family's intake of the good stuff.

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Know your H2O? Take our quiz to test your aquatic knowledge
On March 22, countries around the globe will observe World Water Day. To join in this important annual event recognizing our shared stake in the health of our water resources, we decided to put together a quiz -- and along the way learned quite a lot! Thirsting to find out what we discovered? Take the quiz below and increase your aquatic knowledge.

1. What percentage of the world's water supply is freshwater?
A. 3 percent
B.... More »

Lights out: Unplug for Earth Hour and imagine a brighter future
Earth Hour began as a simple idea in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Whenever I imagine the brainstorming session that led to what is now an annual, international event, I envision a creative group of people discussing ideas with the classic cartoon light bulbs hovering over their heads. And then — click! — one of those light bulbs goes out.

Why? Because that is what Earth Hour is, an hour each year in which participants around the... More »

DIY beer: U. Brew owner helps home brewers craft handmade suds
The way home brewing store U. Brew LLC owner Brian Traughber sees it, the Quad Cities has all the right ingredients to become a premier brew city.

With interest in local foods and an appreciation for handmade items both on the rise, the area is fertile ground for a thriving home brew culture.

"I'd love to see the Quad Cities become a beer town like Grand Rapids (Mich.)" Traughber says. "I'd love to see... More »

Great skates: Fitness and fun combine in Derby Lite workout
In a hot-pink helmet, Tara Malnar skated around the track, flashing a hot-pink smile courtesy of her mouthguard. A group of skaters trailed behind her, some steady on their feet, and some a little shaky, but everyone was smiling.

It was a Derby Lite sneak preview day at the Eldridge (Iowa) Community Center and Skatepark, where a handful of people came out to get a taste of the workouts roller-derby girls do, but without the sometimes... More »

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