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Sweet tradition: Spiritual practice, candy making intertwined at Dubuque abbey
Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey is perched on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River south of Dubuque, Iowa. It feels like a peaceful haven, tucked away among prairie grasses, farm land and thick forest. Since it was founded 50 years ago, the sisters living in the abbey have been committed to lives of prayer, community and work.

Part of that work involves a caramel-making tradition that was passed on to the Cistercian nuns by a Greek confectioner who taught them his recipes and process. The work of making caramels is an integral part of the sisters' spiritual practice.

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Preventing child heat deaths is goal of Davenport students' project
A group of students at Davenport West are trying to create a product that will warn parents that they've left their child unattended in a hot car.

The 13 students comprise one of 15 high school teams competing in a contest created by the Lemelson-MIT Program.

The program is a partnership between the Lemelson Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed to encourage inventors, according to the... More »

Happy trails: Don't let winter doldrums get you down head out for a hike
It's no secret that a walk outdoors can do the body good. Even a short, 30-minute walk burns calories, lowers blood pressure, and can help to improve overall mood. Yet when winter rolls around, the temptation simply to stay indoors until better weather arrives is strong. If you are looking to overcome that impulse and reap the benefits of a good winter walk, here are three accessible trails to try. No special equipment needed.

Farmdale Loop... More »

Small gifts, big benefits: Great ideas for home fitness gear to give and get this year
We've all seen them: commercials for products that promise to help you get fit for three (or four or six) easy payments on your credit card. Such devices have a lot of appeal, but the truth is you don't have to break the bank to get a good workout.

If you have a fitness enthusiast on your list this holiday season (or if you are a fitness enthusiast drawing up your own wish list), we've called in the experts to suggest good gear that can... More »

From the editor
As this issue of Radish was getting ready to print, the weather finally had turned the corner from fall to winter. Gone were the clear blue skies of October; in their place, clouds were draped in woolen shades of gray. Co-workers began to appear at the office bundled in coats and mittens and scarves. A biting wind had us all walking a little more briskly, and I found myself thinking back to Aldo Leopold's observation in the December chapter of "A Sand... More »

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