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Steak teriyaki broth bowl: Have your steak, and sneak in veggies, too!
When the sun is out and the weather is warm, I have no problem eating my veggies. Giant salad? I'm in. Asparagus on the grill? I can't wait. But when there's a dusting of snow on the ground and a blanket over my lap, all I want is something hot with a side of carbs.

While I maintain that I could live off of dinner rolls and potatoes, my blood work might not always agree, so I have to sneak in the vegetables, swap out my white potatoes for sweet, and add something exciting steak.

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Free your mind and float: Moline business helps you de-stress, relax
It was pitch black. I couldn't hear a thing. I slowly became aware of a whooshing sound, which I realized was my breath. I let myself relax.

I lost all sense of time, sense of my body, sense of myself.

And I was floating.

In a room filled with a mixture of 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt and 200 gallons of water, my mind drifted, but I felt stationary as the water and Epsom salt effortlessly held me above the... More »

Camp cozy: Enjoy the outdoors inside a cabin
Seeing the first day of spring roll around on the calendar may not mean much around these parts. That summer getaway and flip-flop weather might still feel a long way off. Families, friends and others looking to shake off the winter and get back outside should consider a visit to one of the local cabin in the area for relaxation, fun and a reconnection with nature.

For some, spring break plans might include traveling to sunny climes, but... More »

Check it out: Free environmental film festival aims to inform and entertain
In 2005, Sierra Club Eagle View Group members Kathryn Allen and Kristen Bergren were inspired to create an environmental film festival in the Quad-Cities after attending the national Sierra Summit in San Francisco.

At the conference, they heard speeches from Al Gore and Bobby Kennedy Jr. (among others), saw environmental films, and returned home to the Q-C hoping to establish a similar tradition in our community.

And they... More »

from the editor
Sometimes, it can feel like the world just won't let up.

Maybe you had a rough morning at work, and lunchtime rolls around just in time for you to remember you left yours sitting at home on the counter. Maybe you had a long day at the office, and you get to the parking lot only to see that you've got a flat tire, and it's freezing cold and dark, as one of my co-workers recently experienced.

And then, no matter what... More »

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