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Yoga Fest Ad
Carving a niche: Rock Island man turns trees into tools
From spatulas and spoons to coffee and ice cream scoops, Tim McGuire's Wild Cherry Spoon Co. has you covered.

McGuire, 27, of Rock Island, started selling carved wood kitchen implements about two years ago, and has had a lot of fun since.

"It started out as just a hobby. I was working with a scroll saw and making toys for my daughter," McGuire says. "My wife makes soaps, and I kind of got the idea of putting together a business from her."

More »

Growing a market: Running or selling at farmers markets take year-round work
Every October, when the last vegetable root is pulled and the cash box rings its last sale, the farmers market season comes to a close, and all is calm until the following May.

Well, not necessarily. Vendors and farmers market boards of directors alike stay busy all year long.

Take Sarah and Nathan Hahn, of Altona, Ill., who own Beagle Creek Farm, for instance. The couple sell chemical-free vegetables at the Freight House and... More »

Beyond the teeth: Holistic dentistry examines the body as a whole
The connection between oral health and overall health is becoming more widely acknowledged, with research pointing to links between dental disease and conditions such as diabetes, dementia and even heart disease and stroke.

While the exact relationship between the two is still debated in some arenas, people looking to improve their health are searching for answers in the form of holistic, or biological, dentistry.

The Holistic... More »

Hello, spring: We finally made it through another winter
Even though it's early spring, the weeds already have engulfed the Smart Pots, the fabric, and the raised beds I bought a couple years ago when I decided to give vegetable gardening another try.

The weeds have spread to the area in front of our house, overtaking the shrubs my partner and I planted last year. Even after working solidly for a couple of hours after work one evening, each of us had only managed to clear an area about three feet... More »

Radish Magazine Yoga Fest: Meet three guest yogis to present in July
The Quad-Cities is not lacking in yoga options. Looking for hot yoga? We have that. Aerial yoga? We have you covered. Prefer your feet on the ground with a more traditional vinyasa-style class? Our area abounds with options.

But what the Quad-Cities has never had is a yoga festival — until now.

The Radish Magazine Yoga Fest will be held July 15-17, at the Holiday Inn Rock Island, 226 17th St. It will be an event for all... More »

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