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Green your getup: Fun costume ideas to cut down on Halloween waste
There's no question that Halloween is big business. The National Retail Federation projected last year that consumers would spend $6.9 billion on Halloween, an average of $75 per person. And the U.S. Census has estimated that in recent years some 41.1 million kids and teens go trick-or-treating. How many of their costumes are shiny and new each year, all wrapped in plastic? How many former costumes and their accessories are thrown away?

As you prepare to face ghouls, goblins and other things that go bump in the night this October, spending a lot of money and creating more waste shouldn't be things you have to fear. Luckily, when it comes to costumes, there are plenty of ways to "green" your Halloween garb.

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Augie student helping provide window into John Hauberg's life
They are little windows, thousands of them, into the life of a world-tramping renaissance man, and it's one Augustana College student's job to make sense of them all.

John Henry Hauberg was many things -- a family man, a humanitarian, a scholar of Quad-Cities and Native American history, a traveler, and a benefactor of wild places. He was also a photographer and his life and his travels are recorded in about 7,000 glass plate... More »

Eat. Sleep. Relax. Lifestyle changes can impact chronic inflammation
Dr. John Golden, with Genesis Integrative Wellness Center and Genesis Health Group in Moline, sees patients with chronic inflammation all the time. "The 21st-century lifestyle is one of the biggest contributors" to chronic inflammation, he says.

And that's a problem. Why? Among other ways inflammation impacts the body, many researchers believe inflammation throughout the body may be a more significant cause of heart disease than high... More »

Turkey, take two: Thanksgiving leftovers? Make the most of them in soup
Did you know the first Thanksgiving as celebrated by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag wasn't actually a single meal, but a feast that lasted three days? To me, this says two things. First, however buttoned up the Pilgrims may have been the rest of the year, when it came time to celebrate and give thanks, they went all in.

Second, when the weekend rolls around and you are still eating leftovers from your own modern Thanksgiving feast, you are... More »

Save the date: New Radish wellness event coming December 6
Temperatures are falling. Holiday stress is rising. Cold and flu season is at hand. There's no question that winter brings its own health challenges — and to help you identify area resources to meet those challenges, Radish is excited to announce a new event that assembles many of those resources together in one place: the Radish Winter Wellness Festival presented by Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf.

This free event will offer an... More »

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