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Going green, saving green: Aldi ups its good-for-you goods
The biggest excuse I hear about a person's ability to eat healthy foods is how much food costs. It's cheaper to buy a $2 bag of Cheetos than it is to grab a $4 to $5 box of whole-food granola bars. And when you have food allergies, the difficulty to select foods increases. (Everything seems to have gluten, dairy, soy or nuts in it.)

As more people work toward healthier lifestyles, or are diagnosed with food intolerances, budgets are stretched as we try to stock our fridges with healthier options. More »

Centering prayer: Upcoming retreat to provide the tools for the practice
When two curious people attended a workshop on centering prayer 25 years ago, it changed the course of their history.

"Centering prayer literally changed my life from top to bottom," says Dick Jensen, of Bettendorf. "Today, I feel I have a direct relationship with God."

Centering prayer is based on classic contemplative traditions in Christianity that can be traced back as far as St. Gregory the Great, pope of the... More »

Lucky day: Finding gratitude on purpose
I've never put much stock in fortune cookies, palm readings or horoscopes, but once in a while, my mile-wide silly streak takes hold — and I go looking for luck.

Such was the case recently, when I typed "Pisces September 2016" into my internet browser's search bar, and happened upon a blog entry that referenced my two luckiest days of the year: September 25 and 26. The horoscope hinted at riches and a plum assignment... More »

Save the date: Radish wellness event returns Dec. 10
Temperatures are dropping fast, holiday stress soon will rise, and cold and flu season is near. With the chilly weather, snow and the joy of the season, winter also tends to bring its own health challenges. To help you find area resources to meet those challenges, mark Dec. 10 on your calendar and plan to visit the third annual Radish Winter Wellness Festival, presented by Genesis Physical Therapy and Wellness, Bettendorf.

The free event... More »

from the editor
We have an ongoing joke in my family that Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be Thanksgiving dinner if we didn't have to cut the burned part off of the bottom of the dinner rolls.

Every year on Thanksgiving, my mother wakes up at the crack of dawn to start tidying up the house and preparing the family feast. There are dishes such as stuffing and mashed potatoes, and of course, a giant turkey. Other family members contribute to the meal,... More »

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