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Pain in the heel: It's possible to be pain-free with plantar fasciitis
If you have heel pain when you get out of bed every morning, it could be plantar fasciitis. According to the American Academy of Orthopeadic Surgery, the condition affects about two million people per year. While it often can be successfully treated at home, it's important to respond at the first signs of pain.

Benjamin Cullen, a podiatrist affiliated with Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, Calif., says although the condition is more common in middle-aged people, it can happen "to anyone at any age."

Plantar fasciitis can affect everyone from sedentary, overweight people to athletes. Cullen says people with flat feet or hereditary foot structure problems can be more susceptible to developing the condition. More »

Safer suds: Read the label before you lather, rinse, repeat
In another profession, if you're asked to wash your hair, you may take offense. But when you write for Radish, you know that there's probably another reason behind the request, and it has nothing to do with your hygiene.

This past month, I stepped out of my comfort zone — which is using whatever shampoo that is relatively cheap with a coupon — and tested a few shampoos and conditioners made with organic or more natural... More »

'Farm to Table': Unique dinners link area farmers with consumers
The Quad Cities Food Hub knows that many area farmers are outstanding in their fields. That's one reason it's in the second year of hosting a "Farm to Table Dinner." The next one is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 21.

"We're trying to bring the consciousness of healthier living, locally grown foods and providing a market for people who want to grow," says Anne Corbi, of Rock Island, a QC Food Hub... More »

'Toddler Tales': Nahant Marsh welcomes tiny guests for big learning
Four-year-old Henry Woodward and his mom, Kim, have made it to all but one of the Toddler Tales program at the Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport this summer. Even before the program, the two have visited the area.

"It's just a fun place for kids," she says.

"When they do the Toddler Tales, it's just the perfect thing for him to come and explore and learn about animals," the Geneseo woman says.... More »

from the editor
Ah, September — the summer's brutal heat and hectic schedules packed with ballgames, vacations and get-togethers are winding down, just in time for school, fall sports and outside chores to pick up.

I am finding a certain serenity in the outdoors, now that I can better tolerate the temperatures. I'm not as outdoorsy as my husband is, but it's growing on me. I've come a long way from my first-ever camping trip last year,... More »

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