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C'est bon: A fond farewell to Radish editor Sarah J. Gardner
During her tenure as Radish editor, Sarah J. Gardner worked with writers, photographers and layout designers to take more than 60 issues of the magazine from concept to completion. She also contributed many articles herself often two or three a month. That adds up to a big body of work!

In honor of her departure, we went back through the archives to pick out 10 staff favorites. Click here to see a special interactive collection of those stories.

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Going the distance: The runner behind the new Hennepin Hundred race
Michele Hartwig loves creating and putting on races that she would like to run. The Crystal Lake, Illinois, woman started running when she was 40. Now 48, she's hooked on 100-mile races, or "ultra marathons," and is organizing northern Illinois' first in September. The Hennepin Hundred will follow the Hennepin Canal Trail from Sterling to Colona, Illinois.

Organized by MUDD Ultra-running Dudes & Dudettes and Trails for Illinois, the run... More »

Moove over, milk: Dairy alternatives are super easy to make at home
I don't like milk. I never have. Since childhood, the sole purpose of milk for me has been to enable my cereal addiction. When almond milk started gaining popularity a few years ago, I switched over without hesitation.

It didn't take long for me to become interested in making my own. From the start, I loved being able to control the ingredients. After doing some research, I learned that almond milk only needs two ingredients: almonds and... More »

Just for kicks: FootGolf brings the fun of soccer to golf courses
"It's a blast!" That's the way Mark Hamilton, former sports supervisor for Davenport Parks and Recreation Department, describes FootGolf.

But what is it exactly? "You play it exactly like golf, but instead of hitting a golf ball with a golf club, you hit a soccer ball with your foot," Hamilton explains.

In Davenport, participants play 18 holes of FootGolf on a 9-hole golf course at Red Hawk Golf & Learning Center. They use a... More »

From the editor
A few years ago while riding my bike to work and thinking about the tasks ahead of me that day, it struck me that in one way or another every issue of Radish was a little like a love letter I was assembling for this place I had come to call home. That's why no matter how tough an issue was — even if I was sweating over upcoming deadlines, even if an article or a photo shoot fell through — there was always something joyful at the root of what... More »

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